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This is my friend's Windchester .308 24inch free floating. He thinks this will shoot better then my SC1A5 when I get it.

The shot was about 150-175yds I was so excited to see him I didn't bother trying to get a head shot, I just put it on his chest and that was that.

We were using some molly coated hollow tip bullets, the exit wound was about the size of a grapefruit.

We were set up on this cliff, I could 20 miles down in any direction.
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Where in California was this? Probably Southern California, you basta'ds... :wink:

Scatch Maroo

P.S. I'm just bitter 'cause we (Bay Area) don't have easily accessible desert in which to roam about and shoot things.
Jay said:
Wow its odd to see a fellow gun enthusiest from Berkeley. I didnt think they let anyone live there who owns a gun, lol, just kidding. Im out in Antioch, about 20 minutes from you.
I'm a lone ranger 'round these parts. :) I've had a lot of chances to educate many of my peers (most of them Asian, who tend to dominate the demographic of young firearm enthusiasts anyhow), but I'm still rather 'unique' in these parts.

Over in Concord, or near 'bout Antioch, there's a 300 yard range where you can shoot 50 BMGs, right? I need to get this bad boy broken in...

Scatch Maroo
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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