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So I have one of these....

and one of these

I want to combine the two so I get to build this

with this pile of crap....

Parts list:
-Bolt on Stake Pocket 8.99
-Horse Leg wrap 1.99
-With tax up to 11.64

Need a mouse pad for more cushion
-mouse pad 2.99 (3.17) with tax ]WTF
-Junk 3/8 nut
-3/8-1/4 in converter free from Manfrotto tripod kit...

Total- 14.81 with tax

Tools needs
-metal bandsaw
-Drill Press
-file or for me power sander
-crazy glue
-mig welder

I plan to use a metal upright bandsaw to cut the wings off of the bolt on stake mount, and drill a 3/8 hole into the bottom center of the stake mount, weld a 3/8inch nut over the hole, so the threaded shaft on the tripod will pass though. Planning to build tomorrow will post pics when done...
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