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I know this has nothing to do with sniping or shooting but..

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What do you guys listen to for music when your relaxin or just hanging around... right not I am listening to Ramble On by Led Zeppelin, almost everything i listen to is classic rock
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the wind blow, the cricket chirp, locust wail, birds anything not man-made.

Unfortunately since I live in Houston I hear more tires screeching and sirens blaring than anything. Oh and those rice burner fart cars with the loud stereos too.
yeah i hate ricer cars....i'm into 100% american muscle
American Muscle? Heh, hey, you guys know that I'm involved with the internet side of my Dad and oldest brothers Mopar Restoration company?

Check this out:

Oh, I'm a huge car guy, both old Mopars (and other muscle cars) and Exotics/Sports Cars.

DeTomaso Pantera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW THATS MUSCLE! its an Italian designed body/chassis and a 358 Cleavland Truck engine! the ground shakes when its on idol....
LED is real good
Was out clearing some senderos for hunting season this afternoon listening to CCR and Lynyrd Skynyrd cranked up LOUD on my headset. NEVER EVER call these guys oldies!!!!! "Classic" works for me. As for American muscle...I still have my '65 Mustang fastback with 4-speed, 289ci and Pony interior that I bought new as a senior in high school. I had it totally restored 3 years ago after letting it sit for almost 15 years. I only drive it once or twice a week, but MAN is it fun to drive. The new motor ain't exactly stock :wink: !! Problem is keeping my 3 sons out of it. Actually, it's kinda fun to share my time machine with them. I take my wife for a cruise, scare her a little, and it's like we're dating again!

my dad had 3 challenegers back in they dayand also a 67 mustang fastback with a hot 351 boss motor in it that ran 11's, i'm a ford guy and so ismy family although right now we are in the process of finding a 70s vette, we do have a 93 ford thunderbird super coupe as a sorta family car though lol.... and my vehicle is a 95 f150xlt lariat with a 351windsor...
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