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I am in dire need of nice spotting scope. I am looking for one that is fairly rugged. I have done some research on a few different brands but was hoping I could get some input from you guys.

I wouldn't say that price is no object, but I would rather save up more cash and wait a little longer to get a higher end scope if that makes more sense.

In the near future I wont be using it for any extreme range us, (1000 yrd or so) since there just isnt anywhere near me that I can shoot those types of ranges.

Thanks for any input you all can provide.

O yah, I took a preliminary look at Leupold and burris mostly.



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The Luepold tactical is awesome
The Nikon tactical is also outstanding.
The Signature series Burris are wonderful also.

If you can save the money, any of those models (or other high end models from those makes) will serve you well. Try and get them side by side at a retailer and find what one fits you best.

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