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I have been severely bitten by the 6.5 x 55 Swede bug lately and I may not recover. Like the old wolf that I am, I have been circling and looking over this problem from many angles.
I have just acquired a NOS 24" Swedish Mauser (m38?) barrel. Now comes the hard part.Please chime in with experience and /or observations (especially Mele :D) . I have the first few of many questions to come.

I would like your pros & cons on using these three actions.

1. Brno m-22 or M98/22

2.later Turkish (1910/12 forward?)

3.The Turkish K.Kales.

I intend to build a small and handy 20" barreled Range and truck gun. I will be reloading so I have made no dicision on what grain weight bullets I will be using.

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