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I need to find quality ammo

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I own an SSG-3000 7.62 Caliber and cannot find any quality ammo to put into it it is a five shot bolt action but I dont want to ruin the gun. My older brother payed a good amount for it. It shoots the ammo I got with it really well but Im running out and since my brother is in the army not a sniper though i cant ask him to get me some. Anyone know where to find some.
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You should be able to find Federal Gold Medal Match .308. I would look at the 175gr version, its nearly identical to M118LR. I'm in the process of getting actual M118LR military ammo to resell to those whom need it, but thats still a month or so away.

Also other brands of ammo to look at:
Black Hills Match
Remington & winchester match ammo also works decent.

If you shoot match ammo from one of the major ammo manufacturers, you should get good results

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