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Idea for mel

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one of the ideas I had before i settled on the Rock or Ed Brown rifle was actually going out and having someone build an m85 clone. the parker hale clone which I doubt would be much trouble. I was thinking, since you love the rifle so much, you could prolly build a clone of it using a kar98 action, blueprinting and fixing it up. and work with that using the mchale stock and a medium barrel with iron sights on it. use the m14 mag conversion from Robar or similar design. it'd be a bit tricky but I think it;'d be neat in the end, or you could just use a remington action instead and work from there. I think it'd be a great development. I know i'd buy one in a heartbeat, cause im like you, I love the design of the parker-hale m85. my number 1 pet peeve with precision rifles is a.) no flash hider and b.) no backup iron sights. I think ALL precision combat rifles could benefit from backup iron sights and i dont mean those silly olympic sights used on the m24. I mean standard hunting sights used for close range. close range is rather moot for a precision rifle, but when you got nothing else it's better than that. plus it'll give someone an edge at 100 to 200 yards. my uncle goes hunting all the time using open sights on a weatherby and he can make shots just fine at 200 yards with practice so I know it's not impossible.

P.S. I'd say that rifle you got from TACOPS is spot on nix the mag and sights of course. but it'd be a good platform to work from. when I saw that rifle I thought, "man it'd be easy to just add some sights to it and send it to robar for the m14 conversion and I'd be set" oh and I'd put a vortex flash hider on it, but that's a different story.
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that sounds cool. =]
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