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Illegal Desert Eagle modifictions

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I recall someone mentioning owning an illegally modified (US laws) Desert Eagle .44. I looked around, and I can find nothing on the subject of illegal modifications for this weapon, so i'll ask you guys. I'm not sure what the details of the modification were, but all I knew was that it was an illegally modified .44 Desert Eagle. Sorry I can't be more specific.
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The only thing I have ever heard about this is people in California who want a Desert Eagle .50 or the 357 variant can't have one because magnum research won't pay the $50,000 fee and give california 5 of each gun so they can do all the state regulated drop tests.

People in this case will buy the 44 and purchase the slide and magazines in the other caliber they prefer and change them out. (the main reciever is the same)

Note:the 357 also requires a firing pin change while the 50 AE does not.

Maybe the state he is in has a similar thing going on.
Not illegal

A buddy of mine (we're in Cali) did just that - got a DE in .44MAG and the kit to convert it to .50 - it is just a quick barrel change and a mag change. Unweildly weapon.
Right, thanks, didn't want to respond to soon to too little people, it would seem like spamming to me (Spamming is posting a bunch of unproductive contentless posts, like "Alright thanks" or "Thanks guys").
You can get Desert Eagles in Kommiefornia... they just have to be there pre 2003. (i beleive that is the year anyway). You cant get a new one in other words. :x
Who needs a desert eagle anyway? I can't think of a single place where I live that sells .50ae. I did the same thing a while back buying a arisaka. The only shells I can get cost 2$ a pop.
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