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In pursuit of a "perfect" .308 Win load

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A question has been nagging at me recently: What would be the one single best .308 Winchester load, with which one could do anything that could be done with a .308 rifle. For the sake of understanding, I'll try to define what "anything" means to me.

Top-notch accuracy, (read at least 1/2 MOA) for target shooting
Still safely supersonic at 1000 meters.
Longest possible accurate barrel life
Suitable bullet construction for general hunting use
High ballistic coefficient and sectional density
Minimal barrel fouling
Minimal impact of media penetration on performance
Must be capable killing dangerous game with a brain shot through the skull
No exposed lead
Trajectory sufficient to have built a custom Leupold scope with BDC to 1000 meters, slanted bases as neccessary

While there is some factory ammunition that meets some of these requirements, there is none that meets all. For example, Federal Gold Metal Match is superbly accurate, but some say terminal ballistics leave much to be desired. Trophy Bonded Bear claw ammo is an excellent glass penetrator, but does not meet some of the other requirements listed above.

I have not yet tried this but here is what I think may be a good solution to the "perfect" .308 round question: Barnes BTHP X-Bullet, moly coated, 150 grains. Fired from a rifle with a 26 inch barrel with 3000 f.p.s. as the target velocity. Since the rifle would only be fired with this one round, the moly-coating is OK, and actually increases velocity and decreases wear, along with -as some say- allowing easier cleaning of the rifle. Said round would also provide excellent penetration and terminal performance on game, and would be suitable for the counter-sniper role as well. Finally, a custom ammo loading company could load the ammo, if one did not handload.

This may not be a totally feasable idea, but it caught my fancy. Let me know what you think.
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Loads will vary depending on the rifle. You will have to do some testing in your own rifle to get that one special one nailed down. I will suggest the following components: Lapua brass, Varget powder, SMK bullets, and Federal GM 210M primers. Combine these and play with the seating depth a little and you should get some awsome results. Also a good bullet comparator and concentricity gauge will be handy.
Here are the numbers, in case anyone is interested, bullet is Barnes triple shock X HPBT:

Diameter: .308"
Weight: 150 gr
Sectional Density: .226
Ballistic Coefficient: .428
the load that i use consists of fed gold med 210 match primers lapua brass varget powder LRB J36 168 note that the J36 is a hunting bullet that J36 has a higher BC
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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