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Is more MOA in order?

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I'm new to long-distance. I'm learning and figuring stuff out.
I have tentatively zeroed my RPR 6.5 creedmore at 100 yards. I have set the turrets and the zero stop on the Arken SH4 6-24x50.
Earlier today I had a thought run through my head. I got home and confirmed that I have another 25 MOA of down adjustment past my zero. The RPR has a 20 MOA rail.
If I go to a 30 MOA rail, that should give me 10 more MOA turret adjustment up?
Thanks in advance for helping this old dog learn a new trick.

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Got my answer(s) on another forum.
Thank you.

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You can gain even more MOA using Burris Signature ZEE rings with the optional offset inserts.....can gain 20 MOA ( even 40 MOA) extra "tilt" as if the base had this extra tilt instead. See this old vid in its entirety to get the idea--->
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