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is this a REAL PSG-1

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heres what i can tell you off hand... take it for what its worth
1) the sight mount is FIXED not the standard clamp mount found on an HK9-serie.
2)it has both the standard HK hood in the front and a drum in the back... from here it looks to me like an MSG90.
3) non of the furniture counts, since ALL of it can be aftermarket.
4) it is possible that this is an MSG90 since the DoD uses them with the drum rearsight and the hooded front sight.
ill have to agree with Mel and Caver:
since its got iron sights.... theres pretty much NO way it would be a real PSG1. the MSG 90 also had fixed sights (the DoD ones) but they had sights similar to the HK21 machinegun....
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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