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"Jarhead" Movie

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Anyone know anything about the movie "Jarhead" that is being filmed right now? Supposedly its about a USMC STA platoon during Desert Storm. I hope they get some good technical advisors to get the sniping part right....

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If its based upon the book of the same name, its not going to be very nice to the USMC or to USMC snipers.
To be honest, I got so irritated by the author's attitude that I could only stomach about 200-250 pages and never finished the book. It was written by a former STA Scout / Sniper that served in Gulf War I. He tells his "exploits" and basically does his best to make himself and all Marine Scout Snipers sound as heartless and bloodthristy as possible. It truly ticked me off.

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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