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Just an Action?

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Is it possible to buy just a wincherster or remington action? If not them what about other rifle companies like sako and savage?
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Spoon: yes you can buy just a rem action from Brownells Inc. They are on the web. I don't know how much they are, probably around $400-450. I don't know about winchester or the others. I think you can from Sako also but I don't know how much.
Yes. Look at Brownells or some other major catalog dealers. But you will pay $400.00 for it. For that cash, you can buy a slightly used one tucked carefully linside an entire rifle - especially after hunting season in Montana (assuming of course that Mel does not buy the place clean before you get there). :wink:
Yeah i would try to find a good action at a pawn shop before buying one from there. You might be able to find one a little cheaper that way and also if ur going to build a rifle off of the action it will all be reworked any way so it will be like new when u get it back. my 2 cents
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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