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K 43

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Mel how about you (after the k 98 of course) review the G 43 sniper rifle if you should choose to do it, this is a pic (for all those that dont know what it is)

image from
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A G43 review would be really cool, but I think he might have a bit of a problem getting a working specimen that he was allowed to shoot! Unless it was just a third party review on the history and purported specs of it, as opposed to a live fire review. But maybe Mel has "connections" and could get one for review. I'd be interested.

Yes, this is a problem with all of the "classic" sniper rifles. They tend to end up being 3rd party reviews and research. Its unfortunate, but not many people like me shooting their collector rifles that are actually going up in value. I have had the opportunity to shoot some of them M1D's, etc, but most are not as friendly.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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