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Kimber (.45ACP)

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The Kimber (Custom II, Night sights) has served me well, and it is a rather accurate weapon. Without any modifications to the weapon, I was able to land rounds on a 1Mx1M target at 200 meters. In the same class, the instructor was placing rounds around a 2x2m target at about 300 meters (we didn't range the second target). Of all the weapon designs with which I've dealt, I am partial to the 1911A1 in Kimber's execution. Of course, much like rifles, sidearms are a personal choice. So I am here with my two bits' worth of opinion.
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Ulari - I agree 100%. I currently own, shoot (and will soon carry concealed) a Kimber Gold Combat II. The gun shoots great, and functions like a champ.

I've shot several different model and size Glocks (in 9MM and .40 cal), and Bertetta (in 9mm and .40), but always end up coming back to my Kimber .45. Personal taste is what it all comes down to.

Tried firing GLOCKs in all calibers - don't like the trigger pull (Yep, I'm spoiled by the Kimber :D ). At 45, the weapon didn't feel right in my hands, and due to its light weight, I felt it imparted a bit too much recoil to me.

On a similar vein, having tried the H&K USP40, I like the way it functions (and I like the slide release a whole hell of a lot better than Glock's), but the trigger creep and the insanely huge uptake drive me up the wall - until I spoke to someone who said that the USP Expert's main difference is the "near-orgasmic trigger pull" (Their words, not mine). So, looks like my next weapon will be the Expert (though I hear that H&K is planning to discontinue that model line and have something else?)
Now you're talking my language. At 45, I think the glock and the Bereta trigger pull is so long I could go get coffe and come back before the darn hammer falls. Its not that its hard to pull the trigger, its that the pull takes forever, and I never could figger out what was creep - and when it was getting ready to let the hammer drop. A friend of mine had the length of their trigger pull reduced on a Beretta Elite II, nice but still a lot longer than my Kimber. I had the trigger pull shortened on my Gold Combat II, now it breaks like a glass rod at 3.25 pounds, and it only extends beyond the grip by about 1/2 the original distance.

My other main grip with the glock was those darn take-down pin gizmos on the side of the slide. I never could get a grip on them. When I finally got to hold one with after-market extended gizmos, it was easy to take down, but you couldn't carry it in a carry concealed holdster without tearing the holster up with the rough edges of the take-down thingys.

Hate-em hate-em hate-em.

If I get a chance I'll go see the Expert.
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A bit off-topic, but have you seen this: Alternative Force Block for Handguns

A compitent smith can adjust any of the HK USP triggers to what ever pull you mine is very light like my old kimber. The only plus to the expert is you can easily adjust that stuff yourself. ..trigger ...sights....but the barrell is a bit on the long side for me.

I have never like any single action style trigger pulls and can't seem to hit anything with them.
Ulairi - no I had not seen that before - looks interesting, especailly if I'm up close and personal and need to drive my Kimber into someone's eye socket. The only think I would have to change is to drill a hole in the bottom of the front face plate so that it does not block my Lasermax laser sight. Plus that extra weight would inhibit recoil a bit too.

Flea - I konw what you mean. In the State Patrol we were required to carry S&W K frame beast 38s. Unless required to shoot double action, with that monsterously long 6.5 pound trigger pull, I always cranked it back with a thumb and went single all the way.
How do the Kimber's compare to Wilson combat?
SpEcTeR said:
How do the Kimber's compare to Wilson combat?
Both kimber and wilson make really nice and real basic models of the 1911. Kimber makes more tactical models and wilson has more traditional types ussually.
SpEcTeR said:
How do the Kimber's compare to Wilson combat?
FLEA said:
Both kimber and wilson make really nice and real basic models of the 1911. Kimber makes more tactical models and wilson has more traditional types ussually.
Yeah, what Flea said. Wilson Combat's green paint meshes quite nicely with some BDUs if that makes a difference.

During one of my training courses, I had the privelege of meeting and training with one of the US Special Naval Warfare guys. He preferred Wilson Combat mags to the Chip McCormick ones (even the PowerMag) for the design of the floorplate in the WC's. I've fired both, and I do like the night sights on the Kimber better, but that's a small issue.
Kimber Gold Combat II, with Wilson Combat mags. :lol:
Kimber Stainless Two & Ultra Carry

I love my Kimbers. They are very point & shoot accurate. I qualified for my Conceal & Carry permit with the Ultra Carry and got 98.9% on the qualification range. Most of it was me, but you can't do it without a quality pistol :D The Ultra Carry is 'small' enough that I can slip it into an interior jacket pocket during the winter and a nice IWB holster during warmer months without much discomfort. I have found the Ultra Carry to be a little finicky about the ammo it likes, but once I found the right one, the gun functions like a dream :D Even though they are a bit pricey, they are well worth it.
Re: Kimber .45

Extorris said:
I love my Kimber Custom TLE.
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