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I've read some where on the net about a formula for comparing the penetration of different cartridges,

I have proposed a 5.56mm bullet weighing 5.33 grams to be used with a 51mm .308 Winchester cartridge case to give a muzzle velocity of approx. 960m/s.

The formula uses what is terned Kinetic Energy Density which is the muzzle kinetic energy divided by the cross sectional area of the projectile.

If we calculate the KED for a 5.56x51 5.33 gram bullet we get a KED=101155359 Joule/m

If we calculate the KED of a 7.62x63 10.6 gram bullet at a muzzle velocity of 868m/s.

we get a KED= 87561964 Joule/m

that means that a 5.56x51 has a 16 % higher KED than 7.62x63 while having the recoil of a .308 winchester and the option of fitting in a semi-auto rifle :twisted:
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