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in combat within 10 feet you can kill someone quicker with a knife than with a semi-auto handgun (assuming the handgun bearer is unprepared), so i was wondering what kinda knives are used, or preferred by yourselves. i don't own a rifle but was the only one in my group to score full marks with an air rifle at 1 inch targets at 25 yards (this was with cadets who use sa-80s every other week, and we all used the same gun and were in the same conditions), so don't really know much about proper rifles, but have much respect for those elite snipers that do.

do you prefer tapered or full tang fixed blades for their no-nonsense approach, or the compactness of a folder? any thoughts on the thumb screw to aid opening of a folder, but also, kinda gets in the way. i have a special appreciation of metalwork and knives, and especially japanese swords, items of outstanding workmanship and quality. the s&w swat knife seems fairly good, but i've found knives retailing at around or less than $50 tend to lose their rigidity at the hilt, maybe some recommendations as to a good knife, folder or otherwise?

cheers, john - british fan of your site.
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nuff said.

err.... mabye sog or CRKT if you cant afford one of the tighe knives.
Benchmark is good. As is the good old fashioned kershaw.

if you want the billy badass of fixed blades, buy a KaBar.

I personally prefer a fixed blade knife.

For swords,
Im biased though, i know a guy who smiths there.
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I prefer Strider Knives......full tang....para cord wraped.....indistrutacble blade....and very smooth sheath.

As far as knives being able to kill fast then a gun. No way. Aside from a brain hit (skulls are harder then you think) or a good spine hit most knife kills come from estrangulation *sp?* (bleeding to death) and it may take several minutes for your opponent to lose enough blood to deprive oxygen to the brain so you have to try and hit as many arteries as possible.

If only a knife fight were as easy as they make it out to be in movies. Truth is it takes a lot and that why you hear about being stabbing other 60 times.....not just a matter of mobidity.....sometimes it just takes that much.
Re: !

well said FLEA

brain hit: pistol can do that far better

and all that time your stabbing them they are going to be fighting and making noise which is what you want to avoid
Re: !

Jeff_850 said:
and all that time your stabbing them they are going to be fighting and making noise which is what you want to avoid
Don't get me wrong there is a way to get a one hit kill with a knife but I'm not going to post it on any forum and it needs all most complete surprise of the person you are attacking and there is still gonna be noise even if your free hand is over the other persons mouth. But you would rather have it somewhere else to give you more control over the person your are attacking.
yes i know what you mean, knives can kill quick but it requires complete suprise and you cant always get that like they do in the movies

suppressed pistol > knife
just as carbine/smg > pistol if you have the room for it
still i think the pistol is an item necasary to take with you as a backup weapon and a waepon of last resort, so is the knife also for other things than hand to hand combat but of course as a last resort if you do find yourself in hand to hand combat
ok , so maybe i was overestimating the knife, thanks for the links too.

enough said
kind of off topic, but when did kabar become K-Bar? lol....
I had a knife passed down to me from my grandfather thats a kabar, and thats how its spelled on the blade.
APK-223 said:

enough said
thought it was ka-bar
either way great knife... my favorite
old school USMC knife :)
I'm looking at both the new version and older versions of the KA-BAR knife.

Right now I haven't been carrying a knife other than what is on my GERBER. Well, that is kind of a lie, sometimes I carry my cooking knives when I go to cook for someone. :lol:

Also: I have cut myself with *every* single knife I own.

-- Semi Off-Topic --

Knife fighting is usually bad for both parties involved. Typically if both are untrained people- both will end up with cuts, bumps, and bruises. Even trained defenders cannot walk away unscathed all of the time, thats just the way it goes. If your in a knife fight, expect to get cut.

I was always trained (if caught against an armed knife attacker) to deflect / break / kill. Sometimes you get cut, sometimes you don't. There are only so many ways to swing / lunge / pierce with a knife.

* I removed all of the stuff that could get me sued *

I suggest everyone goto your local Martial Art's dojo and take a self defense class with your kids / spose / friend or alone. Not only is it fun and insightful, it might help you later in life.
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most people who came at me with a knife were just slashing it around like an idiot, i backed up
did get cut a few times trying to disarm them and they were able to find thier way to the hospital more often than not
In SE Asia I carried a KaBar (like just about everyone else) taped to my web gear. It served me very,very well. If I had a choice from knives available today, I would probably look long and hard at the SOG Government model. I bought one a couple of years ago and really like the way it feels and handles. I use mine when we run feral hogs with dogs. It's not combat (unless you're the hog), but its not a bad simulation either. It holds an edge forever and will not slip in your hand even when the grip is covered with sweat and blood.

LMAO, Yeah, i own a couple claymore's too. Too bad by the time you actually lift the heavy bastard over your head the enemy will have shot you 15 times.
are those "fantasy" blades actually sharp? i've seen a few and, for the most part, the handle looks really weird and uncomfortable. claymores are groovy, but (if i remember rightly) were designed to be a crushing or piercing weapon rather than the slice 'n' dice of a japenese katana.
yes claymores are very heavy swords that are made to give people who have or dont have armor a bad day :)
It's a German Landsknect Sword, not a claymore, or some fantasy blade. They were used back in the day to either cut off pike heads, or to fight cavalry. Made of a completely solid steel construction with a blade that is sharpened to the point where it can cut you if you are not careful, so it can indeed be used to injure people.

It's 6"2', and it only weighs 18 kilos. Come on. Not THAT heavy.
CM2k said:
It's 6"2', and it only weighs 18 kilos. Come on. Not THAT heavy.
a sword about my height that weighs almost 40 lbs?
i cant see the use of this sword in a fight it seems too big to use effectively... youd get hit a few times before you swong once
a sword about my height that weighs almost 40 lbs?
i cant see the use of this sword in a fight it seems too big to use effectively... youd get hit a few times before you swong once
The point was that when you swing it once, your opponent is 6 feet away. He can't block it very well, as it is HEAVY, and knocks people off balance. Think of being hit with a right hook while boxing. It's like that. Slow, but my god, if it hits you, you won't be standing in the same place.
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