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KT Ordnance, Dillon, Montana.

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As you guys know from my last post, I am visiting a friend in Dillon, Montana.

My friend is Richard Celata, the head honcho of KT Ordnance.

Now Richard manufactures 80% frames. He makes an 80% version of the AR-15 and the AR-10. These AR receivers are made from billet aluminum.

The AR-15 receiver is made from a 7 pound forged billet of Reynolds 6061-T6 aluminium. It is made on a CNC vertical milling centre to Eugene Stoner's original Armalite numbers.

Now, I have built one of the KT-15 frames myself. I completed the lower receiver and very shortly the entire rifle will be assembled. I am still waiting on a bolt carrier assembly. At the risk of sounding boastful, my AR is the nicest one that you will ever see. And when it is totally ready, I will post some pictures in the gallery forum. To tease you all just a little bit, let me describe my rifle.

After I was finished with the lower, I used a home anodizing kit from Caswell's Plating. Then I dyed the receiver and then I gun koted it. It has a black semi gloss appearance similar to the HK series of weapons.

Meanwhile, I encourage everyone to visit the kt ordnance website. You should also realize that Richard plans to have open house events wherein folks can build their own ARs under his supervision. This is something not to be missed. You can press the start button on the CNC machine and build your own lower receiver.

Finally, I sent an 80% KT-10 and an 80% KT-15 to mele the other day. Although these are not complete firearms, I'm sure that mele will be able to evaluate them for everyone.

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