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Yep, Nek is correct, as are others. A typical infantryman with a L115A1 is useless trying to engage a hidden target at 600 meters. The .338 Lapua is a great caliber, but it still drops, and if the infantry guy thinks his target is 400 meters, and he really is 600, and hes only going to have a small target anyway, theres not a chance in heck he's going to hit. Just the long range marksmanship of the matter is enough to out match a typical infantryman EVEN with superior weaponry. Add in the additional training in cover/concealment, E&E, target detection, etc etc etc. They really do teach you something at sniper school.... (no matter which country is teaching the course). I would venture to say a radio man with a link to the arty guys would be more effective at counter sniper then an infantryman with an L115A1. No offense to the infantry, in the US Army we are first Infantry, 2nd snipers. In mech, I was part of the infantry company fighting side by side with them (and was one when not performing sniper duties).

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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