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Lapping the rings.

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can anyone explain to me the process of lapping in your scope rings.
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To add to morph's reply

When you lap scope rings you are taking a solid steel rod with a lapping cream, which has an extremely fine grit and moving it back and forth while rotating it within the limits of the rod. You only have to lap the bottom rings. What you are doing is "sanding" the rings down so that when the barrel of the scope is laid in the rings, there will be a uniform surface of pressure on the scope body. This will also help line up the scope to the holes drilled in the action.
I would lap the rings on any set with the exception of either Badger Ordinance or USO. Leupold, IOR, others should be lapped as they are usually not straight.
On the subject of TPS rings. Of course you must be a TPS "forum" member or they will be "out of stock" for a few weeks.
Yes, this is from personal experience where I called to order a set of TPS rings and was told they were out of stock for two weeks. Then a buddy of mine told me to join their (TPS's) forum, call up and tell them you are a forum member and they will get them to you right away. Sure enough, I join and all of a sudden they have the rings in stock.
I'm not sure if I like a company that operates like that.
FWIW, I understand about the vendors, but as far as forum members priority goes, it's your business to do with as you please but I don't understand how you can grow new business operating in that manner. There should be no justification, unless you are selling contact information, that I should need to sign up for a forum I'm not going to use to be on the priority list to purchase product. I have never had to do that with Marty at Badger or John at USO.
I have two new rifles I need rings for and was going to give TPS a try. However, since I need to wait as a "non-forum" member, maybe I'll wait until the next rifle comes along. Then, if TPS is not out of stock, I'll give them a try.
You should reward your customers by how often they buy from you, not whether they surf your site frequently.
I can see where the names are close, but come on, I'm much more antagonistic. :twisted:

I need a set of tactical rings, medium height, in 30mm. I see they are available on your website. I will call next week when I get back.

What is the difference between your different rings? And are they milled from the same piece of steel as the Badgers? Hence the lack of lapping?
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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