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Military Spec LRF's are incredibly accurate.

Check out the Leica Vectronix on the internet and you will see a set of binicular LRF's that will give you accurate ranging +- 1 m out to about 5,000mtrs.

Yep, everyone should learn to use their mildots and practice range estimation all the time, but with the top notch gear you can quickly identify and range a target in seconds.

The only downside is that this quality LRF costs about $15,000.oo USD. (No, i didn't add too many zeros).

For actual operations, you will find its rare to shoot more than 600metres.

A lot of guys get bushnells or Leupolds for the short range stuff to double check as they are little and portable.

LRF use will show up on passive or infra red NVG systems, so using them at night or even in the day can give your position away.

The Vector 23's from Vectronics are $20k and will range in to 25 kilometers.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts