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Lathes and milling machines

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Im looking to buy a good new or used lathe. I have found Bridgeport, Smithy, South Bend, and Clausing. If anyone else knows of any more popular lathes or milling machines for gunsmithing, please tell me.
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My father said Smithy makes a good mill/lathe combo machine that might be the most handy for gunsmithing. Bridgeport is good, but the machines are older than what's out there now. They're good quality machines though, and are even somewhat hard to find/buy because of that quality.

From my experience with various machine shops that I have dealt with I would say that most are using Bridgeport and South Bend. Good luck on finding a good used anything though. If its still good they are going to still be used. You might try just cold calling machine shops in your area. You might get lucky and happen up on something.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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