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Hello again everyone:

I am currently visiting a friend in Dillon, Montana.

My friend introduced me to Barney Lawton, the head honcho of Lawton Machine Rifle Barrels, 580 1/2 N.Montana, Dillon Montana, 59725
(406) 683 2388, (406) 660-0688.

Barney showed me his barrel making shop and the rifles he builds. He specializes in long range rifles such as the 408 Chey Tac. Barney is also a 1000 yard competitor and on his walls are some of his 1000 yard targets. The man is one fine shot!! And his wife is no slouch either.

Barney sometimes competes in Missoula and mele should arrange to meet him.

Barney also showed me an amazing rifle barrel and action. The barrel was about 2 inches in diameter and about 35 inches long. It was for a monster .338 cartridge called the .338 Big Bear. This round propells a 250 grain Sierra bullet at 3500 fps!!! The round is based on a necked down .505 Jeffery.

Barney is also a very fine and generous man. He has been extremely kind and helpful to my friend and is a man to be relied upon. I've seen the quality of his gunsmithing and barrelmaking and the readers of this forum should know about LMRB.

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