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Saw this DIY Room and thought I'd type a little. :D

Got a Leica 800 coming in the mail. Got it off eBAY for $205.00 with shipping!

The $370 to $530 900's and 1200's were just too rich for my blood. I don't shoot past 600 yards and I've heard that the 800 will do 6-650 easily.

My hands shake some, so I'm going to use a tripod 100% of the time. The Leica tripod adaptor is a little steep ... 50-75 bucks ... so I'm making my own.

I think I got lucky and found a perfect box for it to sit in. It's a Serpac electronic enclosure. (mine's black)

Made a couple of water slide decals for the enclosure -

I cut out a 5 1/2 X 5 X 1/2 inch piece of wood and recessed a 1/4 20 nut into it. (painted it flat black) The Serpac box will be screwed to this mounting board ... and the mounting board to the quick release tripod.

Should work out nice, but I don't have the box or LRF yet. I went on published dimensions. (which varied quite a bit) Week after next I hope to post some pics of the finished project.


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Turned out fairly well.

Here's the basic idea ... a 5" X 5 1/2" piece of plywood with a 1/4 - 20 nut inset into it. The fender washer traps the nut. (4 holes are for screwdriver access to fasten top)

Quick realease tripod stud ...

The bottom of the Serpac box screwed in to the plywood ...

The Leica sitting in the bottom part ...

Shows the trapped screws that hold the top of the Serpac box ...

The dimensions are so close that just friction holds the LRF in there solid.

Finished ...

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