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Leupold or Nikon

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Mark 4 3.5 - 10 X40mm LR M1 or Nikon Tactical 2.5-10X44mm

Other than the Nikon having the reticule in the 1st plane rather than the 2nd (or is it the other way around) which would be the better scope. :?: They are both in the same price range.

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Well, you have picked between two excellent scopes. You will be happy with either one. I personally like the Leupolds just a little better, but to be honest, its not because they have any better features, its probably because of the way they stand behind their product. Lifetime warranty, excellent customer service, and a custom shop if you ever have the desire to change something about the scope.

Like I said, you will be happy with either scope, they both have excellent optics, they both have 30mm tubes, etc etc.

I do believe that the Nikons also have a Lifetime Guarantee, but i too would still give the nod to Leupold.
Thanks guys. There is heaps of reviews on the web. Ive weighed up the pros and cons and the Nikon is the best value for money. I will order the 4-16X50 in the next few days. I will save between $450 and $500 Australain by buying it in the States.

Can't wait

Sounds good! Keep us posted on how you like it.

I would prefer Leupold or Nightforce... sorry, just my bias :p

The scope was delivered this morning, only took 10days. 3 days from the US, 7 days in customs :shock:

It is one awsome piece of glass. Built like a brick outhouse. It is well dimensioned and wouldnt be in the "weapon mounted hubble telescope" department. The Nikon mildot is similar to the second gen mildot Premier reticules offer, having half mil markers. Comes with a 4 inch sunshade and butler creek flip up covers. The focal plane won't be a problem :p . Easily compeats preformance wise with high end optics like Leupolds MK4s and Nightforce. Overall proably the best tactical scopes for the price. However time will tell how durable it is and thats what counts.

Mulga :D

Thanks for the update! I'll be interested to hear how it holds up over time. Nikon has a good reputation, and I've used some of their Monarch hunting scopes, and have always been impressed. I noticed this year they bumped up the light transmission on their lower end scopes (Buckmasters) and their monarchs. Prices remained the same.... got to like that

A big mistake-hopefully corrected!

Up here in the pacific northwest, we have an abundance of VARMINT CONG! So I put together a little number to put them in their place. It started out life as a Thompson Contender .22 pistol. I put a super 16 inch, .223 heavy barrel on the reciver, Put an M-16 A2 flash suppresor on it, [so I don't burn the paint on the hood of my truck] Put a walnut forend and rifle stock on it, and topped it all off with a Tasco 6-24 varmint scope with mildot retical and 1/4 min adjustments. WHAT A SWEET LITTLE SET UP!!! Well, it would have been if it was not for that piece of junk TASCO! Looks good, but that is all! Won't hold a zero, anything after 12 power is anything but clear, AO is off by about 100 yd's on the scale! And when I called the company to get it right, I was told that they are now out of buisiness! Bushnell [another fine company] bought them out and are not honoring tascos life time warrenty's! So, off it came, I bought a NIKON Buckmasters 4.5-14x40 AO with 1/4 min adj. yesterday. Guess what? It looks just as good if not better than that thing I had on it before, and I can now shoot my dime size groups at 100 yds with no trouble. And it even has a better mil-dot retical! MUCH clearer!!! I will be watching this sight to see how the Aussie's scope works for him! Best of luck there mate!
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Tasco's of all types have proven to be very good for me, especially their higher priced models! I am sure you will be happy with it. I also had the Tasco DR308 was talking about, and after about 10 minutes on a rifle, it was reassigned to duty as a flyswatter, an occupation I must say it has excelled at!

Ordering scopes from US to Australia

Hi there everyone who happens to read this, been a lurker for a little while and I thought i'd finally chirp up and ask a question...

Mulga - What was the process that you had to go through to get your Nikon from the States to Australia?

From what I can tell, i *might* need to go to Aus customs & fill out one form or another... Please correct me if i'm wrong... I was recently dismayed when I read that SWFA do not ship outside of the US... and as such, have been reading a lot, but not gaining a lot of valuable information on how to go about this...

Thankyou in advance......
re: SWFA

Your dead right about SWFA not exporting can be done if you know someone in the States they can send it to and then that person can post it to you.
Scopes are soooo much cheaper in the US.....we get reamed here too.
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