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Leupold rings and bases

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is there anything wrong with standard leupold 1" rings and one piece steel base (dovetail system i think?) that you can buy from caleas for about 40$? As long as they are steel whats the problem? I see alot of guys using badger and IOR rings and bases that cost over 100 just for the rings.
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I actually use leupold bases and rings. Hell ive even used weaver bases and rings. I personally dont see a problem with them.
There is no problem with those, if that is what you are satisfied with. I say satisfied rather than prefer because even the Leupold Mark IV are superior for serious marksmanship or sniping.

Badger or USO are even better due to the higher quality uniform matched pairs of rings that they produce. Comparing the USO or Badger base to the standard leupold base is not worth writing about. If you are happy with those, then have at it.
The big difference is the ruggedness. If you look at the Mk4, Badger, IOR, you will notice the rings and bases are much larger, bulkier, and have larger (and some times more) mounting screws (at least on the rings). All of this means you can use (abuse) your rifle a bit more and have a better chance of everything holding zero.

With the standard leupold bases, I don't think the standard "windage" adjustable screw on the back that holds the rear ring on is nearly as robust as a standard weaver type (especially a heavier weaver type). The dual dovetail design I feel is better. Now, if you plan to be gentle with your rifle and use it mainly for range shooting, then the std units will serve you well. If you plan to use your rifle in field as a tactical rifle, then it might be wise go with a bit more robust system.

I kind of like the leupold std LR bases (for the money) but I wish they would do a double dove tail in LR, as like I said, I don't like the std rear ring mount.

Dual Dove Tail

I have a D.D. Ross Dual dove tail +20MOA on my Tactical rifle now. I ran with the standard Leopold one peice for a few months with 1 to 3/4 MOA groups at cop range. The fist day I shot it at Camp Perry showed be I needed more elevation, the reason for the up-grade in the first place. And would you beleive that it started to group better? I sent 1/4 MOA on my great days and 1/2 most allways. it does mount up w 4 screws instead of the standard Leopold 3, but i dont know why it helped so much but it did.
The Leupold standard LR bases have a 1/4 angle of down, giving you 15 MOA.

THought I would mention it as a more "Affordable" solution than going with DD Ross, Badger, IOR, etc. As the Std LR leupold bases can be bought for about $20

If properly lapped and aligned DD leupold or DD other branded mounts prove to be "VERY" affordable.

Can't recommed them for serious work thought. Got to find a balance for your needs and application.
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