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Leupold tactical spotting scope

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Just wondering if anybody has dropped 900 bucks for the tactical spotting scope w/mil-dots from leupold yet? And their thoughts on it so far. I'd hate to spend that much money before I even look through it.
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I have not dropped the cash on one yet, but would like to. They are very high quality and I think putting the mil-dots in the spotting scope is an excellent idea (one I've been pushing for for the past 7 years or so). If you have the money, its very good glass.

Is that the SS with the built in digital camera and LCD? I bet thats durable! :roll:

I might be thinking of another model.
Actually, no, its the Mk4 Spotting scope, it can be seen here:

Its a 12-40x60mm spotting scope with mil-dot reticule

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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