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Lightweight scope base and rings?

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Hi all.

I have a Rem 700 LTR in .308 and i'm looking for a base and rings. I'd like these parts to be as light as possible while still being able to withstand the usual amount of punishment. I'll be using scope with a 30mm tube. What do you all think would be the best base and rings for this application?

Thanks for the input.
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Good luck with your search.

Durability is a key for all of my gear, especailly field gear that is going to go with me to the bush and get dropped and stomped on. I'm always skeptical of the lightest weight gear, even if its supposed to be indestructable.

Almost sounds like you are trying to stay under the TR class weight limits for F-CLass and might not make it? If that is what we are talking aobuth then heck yes get the lightes rings you can find that will withstand the recoil of your .308. If not, tactical comps do not impose weight limits on rifles and humping the extra few ounces will not make that much difference when compared with the durability factor of having one break when you are in the bush.

Just my $0.02

If Jeff shot better he wouldnt be throwing his guns down and stomping on them. LOL sorry Jeff I couldnt resist.

Don't skimp on your rings and base. I tried this and regret it now. Get something that will hold up. I tried using Leupold rings and bases and tore 2 sets up then finally had to bite the bullet and go to heavier rings and base. Not having any problems with them now. Good luck and good shooting.
Thanks for the replies.

I'm not trying to keep under any specific weight, just trying to keep the gun light. So what i'm hearing is save weight elsewhere given the importance of solid scope mounting.

Are there any that i should avoid because they don't make as good use of weight as some other rings and bases? What are you all using on your light rifles?
I am using a set of NightForce rings and a NightForce 20 MOA rail on my 300 RUM holding my NightForce NSX 5.5-22x56. Very solid and very well built.
I'm using US Optics rings (medium for my US Optics SN-3 scope and Extra Low for my Swarovski scope) and US Optics extended 20 MOA base (the rings and the base are machined from a solid block of aluminum and look darn near bullet proof.

They run the same price as the rings and base from Baddger Ordinance (another company I was looking strongly at to buy their rings and base)


-US Optics rings

Those bad boys do look solid.
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One set you might consider is the IOR rings. Yes, they are not quite the quality of Badger/US Optics and they are far from the price. I have a set on a PSS and they are fine. I have shot hundreds of rounds through it in the field and never a problem. I would give them a serious look especially if you are budget minded.
The NightForce rings are equal quality to the Badger and US Optics and are about $20 cheaper.
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