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long range

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how long can a sniper with the right rifle shoot and sucessfuly hit his targt :?: :?: :?:
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Well, there is no real answer to that question. It depends on ability, the rifle, the caliber, the weather, and the shooters luck. Confirmed shots have been made in excess of 2400 meters. I would suspect there have probably been unconfirmed (or classified) shots even further. But this is not the norm. We like to engage betwee 600-800 meters, but can go futher when needed.

record for a confirmed kill was greater than 2430m kill by a canadian sniper team on their second shot i belive w/ a .50 cal...
Canadians have some good Sniper teams, I hate seeing them at benning. :)
I saw that the Canadian government refused to allow the US Field Commander in Afganistan to award the sniper team that made that shot the medals that he wanted to give them. Too bad. Darn good shot.
Yeah, too bad about the medals. But If you wanted to be a sniper for the glory, you most likely wouldn't get in any way. If you did, you wouldn't last long.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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