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Looking for a good knife

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I'm looking at buying a high quality folding knife for utility and self defence. Anyone have a good one they'd like to point out?
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I think thats the website.
On a more macabre aspect regarding self defence, you have two options:
1) Do plenty of pushups.
2) Have a blood-groove installed on the blade of your knife, so that you don't have to haul it out past a vacuum-force to regain control of your knife for a secondary blow. This is more applicable when you have the Flesh-Catching serrated edge on a knife. A folding knife, you shouldn't have many problems with.

This guy looks to be quality. Be sure to keep the locking mechanism free of any debris, and you'll have a good knife for a long while I suspect. If you order from him, could you let me know how his service is and the like?
Speaking of blood grooves, Im not sure but i think they are illegal here in the states. At least, illegal to manufacture anyways. Oh, and His service is excellent. I have one of his Tighe Die daggers and its probably my favorite knife of all the ones i own.
Excellent, thank you Spade. I'll take a look at ordering from him.

Why would functionality in a knife be prohibited? You can get the same issue if you're skinning game. Only if you screw up though, like I did. That was unpleasant.

Al Mar knives are absolutely the top of the heap for folders, at least in my opinion. I suggest the Eagle Ultralight folder.

They're not cheap, but with even a little care they'll never let you down.
The new surefire alpha knife is awesone, it is made with VS12.
I don't know much about knives, but I can tell you Benchmade is a good choice. I carry one (around the house) on that off chance (I mean fat chance) I'll need it (to trim my cuticles).

This is the one I have. My dad gave it to me a few years ago. It's the sharpest blade I've ever held. I used to have a clipping from a newpaper hanging on my wall, about 4 inches past a corner. I took a swipe at it and shaved off a sliver of paper a little less than 1/4 in wide and 2.5 inches long. That's just hanging there flopping in the breeze. There might be sharper, like I said I don't know much about blades, but I'm very happy with this one. Also, the locking mechanism is pretty good. I use a little teflon lube, Tef-Dry or something, and I can usually open it without moving my wrist, just flipping it with my thumb. Very easy to open, and with a little practice, you can hold the sliding part (that's the technical term) back and close it just as easy by flipping your wrist. One last bit, the finish is pretty good too, you have to look real close in the right light to see any wear from being taken in and out of my pocket everyday for the last couple years.
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Kaz said:
I use a little teflon lube, Tef-Dry or something, and I can usually open it without moving my wrist, just flipping it with my thumb.
What I enjoyed so much about my BenchMade was the ease I could open the blade with the wrist-twist movement, where you simply twist your wrist (and ever so slightly push it downward), causing the blade to come out. It's an important skill to practice in case some day your thumb ever falls off.

Scatch Maroo
I always have a folding knife on my person. I have lots, but this Kershaw Whirlwind, semi-serrated and a "speed safe" opner is my current favorite.

I have been carrying it for one year. You can not go wrong with this folder.

(I have had two sheath knives made for me by Doug "Tat" Brack. His stuff has been in Blade magazine, etc. It just happens that he lives near me, and gave me a price break! )

Check it out. :) ... windRO.jpg
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