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looking for an Acurate rifle, decked out but not alot $$$$

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i would like to get a rifle that is not a lot of money but is very acurate. is there one that is decked out, but is not a bolt action?

Why are sniper rifles bolt action?

currently own:

Russian SKS
Hk P2000 .40sw
.22 Semi auto (gift from dad when i was young, wanted a pellet gun)
20g single shotgun.

GO ARMY (prior 3id)
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Get yourself a DPMS semi-auto .308.

There a a few reasons bolt actions are more accurate. No gas system is one.
well im an AR-15 guy, have 2 AR-15s and they are both accurate
how much do you want to spend and how accurate is accurate enough for you?
2 moa? 1 moa? 1/2 moa? 1/4 moa?
my Bushmaster Varminter retails for $1245, can buy lower reciever from Bushmaster ($295) or Armalite ($265), go to Bushmaster to get the Varminter upper reciever for $725, i went with both Bushmaster upper and lower for $1020 + bi-pod, scope, weight for the stock
as subthermal stated:
as subthermal said, DPMS is great also, shot a Panther Long Range .308, not as accurate as my Varminter or atleast that one wasnt, but its a .308 so its better for longer ranges.. shot about 1/2-3/4 moa w/ Remingotn hunting ammo... Core Lokt Ultra i think
for target shooting at say 100-200y id prefer a .223 so i would save on ammo and either one will make a hole in paper
sniper rifles are all bolt guns as they dont launch brass which can give away your position, let the enemy know where ya took your shot from and is simply sloppy... sloppy gets a sniper killed
also bolt guns have less moving aprts are more simple and better accuracy (usually)
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to continue the thought....

bolt guns are much more reliable

yes bolt guns are more reliable
not so much as more reliable for range work... semi-autos like AR-15s dont have much reliability problems until they get a lot of junk in them
but bolt actions can take more mud and other junk
yes there is a greast point there bolt actions are the most reliable and accurate action out there. if you want a cheap bolt gun buy a Remington 700 adl synthetic. i have one in 06 more accurate than a semi i bet you that
"bolt actions are the most reliable and accurate action out there"

Not as reliable as the Martini action. :D
[quote="YimmyNot as reliable as the Martini action. :D[/quote]

havent ever seen or fired one so from my know bolt is most reliable anf accurate.

Depending on how much you are willing to spend on this rifle, I think I may be able to help you out. When I went to work to create my first rifle, I had much the same expectations you do. I wanted a very accurate rifle for as cheap as I could get. Like you I chose to make my first rifle a semi-auto. I chose the AR setup because of its wide versatility and cost. Reloading/ammunition should also be taken into account. .223 costs less compared to the .308 you may shoot using an M1A . Plus the M1A offers no real advantages at ranges inside 200 yrds. Taking the cost and range into consideration, I stuck with the standard .223. The DPMS .308 might be great, however as Jeff_850 pointed out might not be as accurate, at least at closer ranges. Of course that all depends. If you are going for longer ranges, I would go bolt action (actually, my second gun is a Rem. 700 mil. spec.).

My final decision was the brand of AR. There are several, but when it came down to it, there were only two for me, Bushmaster and Rock River Arms. I was actually going to buy the Bushmaster until someone introduced me to the RRA. And thank god they did. I love it!! The two are similar, but I the RRA is a much better bang for you buck. Definately worth your time to research. I bought the 24" Varmiter with the EOP (Elevated Optics Platform). It has the best standard features and I would take it over a Bushmaster anyday.

Hope that wasnt too long of a description but I wanted to give you the best advice I could. Good luck, and never forget!!!

P.S- here are a couple of pics of my RRA and a description. And don't forget to buy the best optics you can afford (Leupold *cough *cough*).

Run down on my gun-

-RRA 24" Varmiter
-National Match chamber and 2-stage trigger
-EOP optics platform
-Leupold VX II 6-18X40, target dot reticle
-Leupold 4" sunshade, matte finish
-Leupold QRW 1" rings (Med.)
-Bushmaster Titanium firing pin
-Badger ord. tactical latch
-Harris Bi-pod
-Stoney Point adjustable target knobs
-Butler Creek scope caps
-Uncle Mike's carry strap

Grand Total- $1780

Heres the pics of my AR

[/quote]"Someday someone may kill you with your own gun, but they should have to beat you to death with it because it is empty." -Army rangers
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P.S- if anyone would like to check out the rest of mine and Dan's kit, check out "when is enough enough" in the gallery forum. Questions comments welcome.
how has the accuracy of your AR been compared to your bolt guns?
ive found my Varminter to be everybit as accurate and sometimes more accurate than the bolt guns i ahve shot for around teh same price range, consistantly shooting 1/4 moa

my varminter is the bigger scoped AR-15
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First of nice pic! Looks like you have your own little militia going there. Thats basically my goal also. I wont be happy till I can single handedly take down red China. LOL.

My accuracy on my AR has been insane, ever since I bought the gun it has been really consistant and I am very happy with it. What kind of ammo do you use? I reload myself, me and Dan that is. And if your interested i can post all the stats on my ammo. So far this gun will shoot 1/2" MOA with a French politician shooting it, and easily below that with someone who knows what their doing. I'd love to say I shoot 1/4" MOA all the time, but I can't, not yet any way :wink: . But the gun will shoot 1/4" MOA all day long.

Just the same though my bolt gun is crazy too. I just got it recently but I am already loving it. Inside 200 yrds. the AR is hard to touch, but I really don't compare the two because I built them for different purposes. The AR is my benchrest/varmiter, and the Rem. 700 is my first try at making a long range rifle.

Heres both of my guns together:

"Someday someone may kill you with your own gun, but they should have to beat you to death with it because it is empty." -Army rangers
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yea mine shoots 1/4 moa all day long, had a hard time getting some local people to believe me so i let them shoot the rifle, and your right ANYONE can get good groups with these rifles
btw i got more mags... i only took out what i thought i could fit on the couch... ;)
honelsty i never use that many with my varminter but when im using my M4 Carbine i use a lot of them
still could live with 5 fine maybe 10 for both lol
30 rounders fit with the bi-pod i use so i use 30 rounders heh 20 rounders would be nice still but i havnt gotten any... yet.. thinkin of ordering 5 USGI mags next time i see em.. ya i know im out of contorl with mags lol
if the ban doesnt expire i dont think ill have to worry about running out of good mags heh
now then on to your guns:
nice guns.. so having a super accurate AR-15 should i be happy with a Remington 700 in .308
not trying to compete with the varminter at 100-200y for group size but i do expect 1/2 moa if not out of the box im not going to be dissappointed, but i will have the action bedded and other gunsmithing to improve accuracy
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good prices is where i bought mine
teflon coated usgi 30 rounders
i think im gonna wait till the ban expires see if more manufactueres make them and all
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