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Looking to make it into Federal law enforcement

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First off I just want to say that Mel, you have done a great job on this site. Your site is one of the main reasons I want to become a sniper and it also helped me make my first choice on a rifle (Savage 10fp .308). Anyway my goal is to make it into the A.T.F, F.B.I, or maybe a few other federal agencies and be a sniper. I was just wondering if you have any tips on becoming a better shot, and perhaps any training excercises I could do. Currently I shoot at an outside range thats limited to only 100 yards and anything beyond 100 yards is a 3 hour drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Couple Recommendations

A few tips are just to keep on your breathing skills.

If you have the money there are some good sniper schools available.

Thanks to bad about your 100 yard field delema. Keep in mind alot of tactical snipers (FBI, ATF, DEA) will be shooting within 100yards if not from building to building so range might not be that big of an issue.

If you go shooting every weekend just try to go to the longer field once a month, the rest of the time you can practice your techniques.

Oh and buy MELs sniper data book it will be a lifesaver.

(shamless plugg but it wasn't from Mel)
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Hey, I appreciate the plug!!

The one difficult thing about becoming a sniper, is that you have to first go through the ranks. In the military, you are infantry, and work your way into a sniper position (US Army) or a STA platoon (USMC). For lawenforcment, you first have to be a cop (local law enforcment) or a special agent (federal law enforcement) and then work your way into SWAT/HRT/SOG, etc. Its hard to say what you need to do to get into the spot beyond learning discipline, how to work hard, respect, and do well in school. (Federal law enforcement requires a degree most the time).

For shooting skills, one of the best things to do is get into local shooting competitions. Believe it or not, small bore 3 position shooting is fantastic for learning propert shooting technique, and CHEAP to do. Once you are an expert shot, then things can be done to develop long range technique.

Anyway, those are my tips.... for all they are worth

geting started

I dont know how old you are but if your thinking of geting into law enforcment in perticular a federal agent or ATF or somthing i can tell you right now that your going to need a degree of some kind. i am just finishing up my 2 year degree thats required for wisconsin law enforcment . I am just starting with my officer position and let me tell you it is worth going through the school and stuff to get into law enforcment. Anyway good luck with your goals.
I couldn't agree more about finishing your education. First things first, you have to get on a department/ agency with a SWAT/HRT/TRT team. Most agencies require you have your AA/AS just to apply for officer. Second, you have to make yourself desirable to an oral board of 4+ Sgt's, Capt's and Lt's, all of which WILL ask why you don't have your BA/BS or higher. And that is just to get on the team, let alone go for sniper. The more education you have, the more desirable you make yourself to a department. Quick Hint: It doesn't matter what you major in, so long as you have that little piece of paper with the letters BA on it!
I am currently 18 years old, and in currently in college. My plans are to move to Ohio Dominican or University of Cincinnati (nationally known criminal justice program). I then plan on getting my Bachelors or Masters in Criminal Justice. I may apply for a position on local law enforcement and get in at least 5 years. I realize I should have stated this earlier, but if I should add on to this plan feel free to correct or add onto. Thanks again guys for posting replys, every bit helps.

Career Goals

Hey Nate,

Thats awesome that you are striving for your goals as a sniper in a federal agency. I too have similar goals and I also picked the same rifle :D . I am 19 years old and attend Western Michigan University. I am majoring in Criminal Justice with minors in German and Arabic.
You may also want to look into the Secret Service. They have just implemented a Counter-Sniper division in the past few years.

My trusty 10FP hasn't let me down yet and i'm glad I picked it over a Remington. Once I put a new stock on it i want to get into competitive shooting. Get back to me on what your plans are with your rifle, maybe we can exchange ideas.

Currently here is what I have on my rifle...
Leupold Vari-X II 6-18x50 Scope
Harris Bi-Pod

I plan on putting a Timney trigger and a Choate stock on it this summer.
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Re: Career Goals

cfroehlich7584 said:
i'm glad I picked it over a Remington.
Nothing against your choice but I'm curious why you a glad about it over a remington?

I have always been a fan of the remington 700 and will stay with one for a while now. I think one of the best perks is almost all sniper parts are compatable with that model. All the best barrels, mounts, stocks, and other various parts are always available and you don't have to special order anything.

Just my 2 cents.
Savage vs. Remington


I will admit I am a little disappointed about the limited quantity of upgrades for the Savage and Remington 700's seem to have a clear advantage as far as upgradability. But the my Savage was $300 dollars cheaper than the 700. For someone that is on a limited budget, such as myself, it allows them to either save their money or buy more upgrades like I did.


I would be willing to bet that my Savage could keep up with most Remingtons. From everything i have read, the only things the Remington has over the Savage is a nicer stock and better trigger (maybe i'm wrong). Once I make a little money this summer I will upgrade these things. This allows me to kind of pay as I go. Keep in mind that i am a poor college student :( .

If I do get more serious about shooting and get more money, I will most likely upgrade to a Remington 700. Unless i win the lottry than i would buy a SigArms Blaser LRS2 (god that gun is sexy). But thus far i do not regret my purchase. Plus I always root for the underdogs :D

Here is an article I found that will make you Savage fans happy...
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Forgot to mention this in my previous post...

When you buy a Remington I think you are also paying for the name. Since it has been used as a sniper rifle I think this has given the rifle a good reputation and thus Remington can bump up its prices a little bit. Had the Army or USMC chosen a Savage as their standard for a sniper rifle then I think Savage would consequently raise its prices as well.

The best analogy I can think of is clothes. Say you have two T-Shirts to choose from. One says "Abercrombie and Fitch" across one and the other reads "Old Navy." These shirts are very similar but the only difference is the brand name. For some reason the Abercrombie name is worth more and sells at a higher price than Old Navy.

Now I realize there are a few differences between the Savage and Remington. But i belive that for the most part these rifles are very very similar in performance and part of the reason that the Remington is more expensive is because they have a higher reputation.
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Re: Savage vs. Remington

cfroehlich7584 said:
Here is an article I found that will make you Savage fans happy...
I love this quote LOL (someone once asked me what is the difference between a 1.50" MOA rifle and a .25" MOA rifle, and I answered "about $1000").

P.S. after about $200.00 in trigger job and light gunsmith work my 700 was right about .30 .40 MOA. Not bad for what started out as a stock pss.

Side note: Now I have way too much money invested in it and it makes me sick to my stomach so maybe its a good thing all those extra options aren't out there calling you. :)
Hmm... I've think I may have developed quite a liking for the McMillian A-5 stock... although I have heard that they are extremely expensive.. what kind of price range are we looking at?
Just the A-5 stock, fully inletted, w/adj. cheek piece is $524, according to their website. Comes w/free black hawk carry case.
A recommendation for a subject you really should take up if you intend to go into law enforcement.

Psychology. Don't just take the standard courses, you should really take the more advanced courses.

I'd also recommend it to military snipers, recon specialists etc. I studied basic psychology in Gymnasiet(high school/junior year at college roughly), and as I was promoted into NCO-role, I chose psychology as my voluntary course, and it does help in preparing shots, finding good stalk sites, and trying to outguess the opposition.

It might save lives. And not just your own.
It's good that I found a forum where I can get feedback such as what I am getting. I am in the process of applying the info you've all given me, so it will further my chances of making it into a federal agency. Thanks a lot guys..

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