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Looks good Mel.

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Thanks guys!!!

I have to finish converting all the rifle pages to the new layout, but thats it, and it should be done by the end of this week!

please let me know if there are any problems.


On the drop down menus on the non-forum pages there is one problem link. The Main link works if you click the upper main button, if you click the Main button in the drop down menu it points to a dead URL. That is the only thing that I have run into so far, great work.

JRP3: Thanks!!!!

I have nowed fixed that. The drop down "main" now goes to the proper page!!

I LOVE it looks so much better!!!

Much more professional!!!
Yeah, that is probably the biggest reason why I did it. I'm running it as a business now, and a lot of people look to the site for unbiased professional opinions, so I figured I better make it look professional!

I do suspect it'll help with getting products for review also.

Yeah mel, it looks great. Nice use of tables and such. Did you hand code it or use frontpage. I guess i could just check the source to answer

P.S. Speaking of product reviews, what the word on mueller?
i agree. The sight is tight

hee hee that rhymed
I agree. well done.

Thanks again everyone!! I'm glad its a hit so far!


I did it by hand. Just the way I prefer....

In terms of the Mueller. They are sending their new tactical scope out after the holidays. They got slammed with holiday orders.

I picked up a Swift 6-18x with mil-dots that I'll be reviewing soon.

thx for the update. ill look foward to it.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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