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Hey Forum;

I want to tell you guys that I spent a week in N.Dak shootin' at those ferocious furry critters. They can make you bonkers when you miss! I did this some. My long shot for the week was 401 yds. Used a Rem VLS .243, a Win Coyote .22-250 and my old Rem Varmint Spec .223.

My brother and I shot until the barrels on our rifles were too hot to touch and then had a break. When they cooled down, we shot some more. All in all, I burned 900 combined rounds! We decreased the prarie dog population by about 350. Tried one morning to call coyotes, but no luck. So we just continued blasting away.

The week flew by and we had to come home and go back to work. My wife said someone has to pay for the house and to get my carcas back to work. I will go back again. Too much fun not to go. Happy huntin'
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