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i use both fp-10 or tetra, i use them both on my pistols and rifles. i like the smaller squeeze tube that i got with my cleaning kit of FP-10 it is nice for getting the small places esp along slide groves plus it puts the dab of oil right were i want it. the tetra bottles are nice simply because a little goes a long way how ever i have noticed with the tetra it has come into contact with the foam padding of my gun case and caused the foam to adhere to the wood stock of my 22lr. when i tried to remove the foam with some light water the finish on the wood stock lifted off. on my 22lr i dont really care to much about but it has led me not to use it with my other woodstocked rifles. also one other thing although minor about the tetra it has more of an odor then the FP-10 does. IMO i have noticed when i use the FP-10 it attracted less carbon buildup and dirt then the tetra did in my .45. as for them drying out i have never pulled a rife out and had it be dry even my shotgun that i havent shot for over year and half, i used tetra on it last time i shot it and the action still has a glistening film of lube.
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