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I bought this handbook in addition to the Speer book because many reviews stated that it had a lot more of the newer cartridges, such as the Short Magnum rounds, and others. My uncle has these calibers so I thought it would be useful for him to have this information.

The book is very detailed and very thorough: sections of relavance are divided into chapters, and every specific subject appears to have a chapter devoted to it. Photographic illustrations as well as diagrams are employed when useful. The book is very easy to read, especially the technical aspects.

I am bothered, however, by the number of grammatical and spelling errors. Although many of you may be thinking, "STFU we do'nnt kare", I think it is important to note that a manual which frequently recommends patience and dedicated attention fails to follow said recommendations when it comes to the actual writing of the manual. I will assume the editor put much more of his time in examining the reloading data... but still.

The most interesting part is that section four (out of six) is peppered with social and political satire, including Pope Innocent the Second. It is, to say the least, quite witty.

I have no experience with any other reloading manuals (I have the Speer, but have yet to read it), but if you need one or want something interesting to read, I recommend it.

Scatch Maroo
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