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M44 Moison Scout

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I'm kinda playin with the idea of building a custom Moison M44 Scout rifle. It wouldn't cost very much and I was thinking of getting one anyway. How is the accuracy and can I get it converted to anything besides 7.62x54R? Also, I saw a flash hider for a Swedish sniper Mauser in a magazine. Could I thread the muzzel and put on a Moison?

Even if the accuracy is sorry, it's probably fine for the hunting and plinking that I'll be doing with it.
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Yes, we are talking about the same rifle, almost. The M44 is basically a shortened Mosin Nagant rifle. Sorry for the spelling. I'll try to figure out how to get a pic on the post.
Ok, got a couple questions:

First, I would like to have a synthethic stock. I know Advaced Technologies makes a Mosin stock. Does anyone know how good they are and are there any better ones available at a reasonable price?

Second, I need a good (not neccesarily great) long eye relief scope. Does anyone have any suggestions.

Third, where could I get the rifle headspaced or could I just do it myself?

I've seen some MN carbines that were new in the wrapper. Would they be in adaquate condition or do I still need to check them out?
I think I'm going to get a B-square mount that mounts on the rear sight. It cost about $37 from and it reqires no alternation to the rifle.
About the flash hider, I'm glad someone is smart enough to think of stuff like that for me. That could have been pretty nasty! :shock:
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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