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I know that there was an old post about this a while back and to the best of my memory there was not a 10 rnd mag conversions for the long action.

Well..........I may have the answer to your need for one!!

While looking at I ran across something called the "kwik klip" for the remington long action. (sorry no S.A.). New floor metal and a 4 rnd clip is only $75!!! can buy the 10 rnd mag for $29.99!!!!!!!! Sized for the 25-06 up to the 300 winmag.

Now is this "kwik klip" a piece of crap or is it something to invest in?? Any ideas, comments, thoughts........................

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Well, that is a fine question. I know that these conversions have been around for at least 5 years, but I personally have never tried one. I know that there have been some serious problems with other conversion kits, with the HS being about the best.

Anyone ever tried this product?

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