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Magnum Magazine coversion?

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D any of u guys know where i could get a 10 round mag coversion for a remington M700 in a 300 win mag i know H-S makes them for short actions trying to find one in a magum thanks. Lata
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Found some mag. kits for "long action" "short action" and "belted magnums". Looks to be only 5 rnds or less. All are the some price - $200.00 Link is posted below ... E+MAGAZINE

If link does not work go to search for "remington 700" should be on the second page of the search. It looks like the H.S. If you get one let us know!!
Yeah that is the one from H-S it is only a 3 round mag for magnum rounds i emailed AI to see if the offer a kit because they use a m700 action with a 5 round mag on a 300 so i will have to see thanks
AI emailed me back and said there mag will only work in there stock and they offer no conversion kits. But i dont think i will put the H-S one unless the would offer more than 3 rounds. Anyone else have an idea? Lata
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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