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Magnum powder in my 30-06 casing?

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what if i was to load a few special shells with magnum powder and ballistic tips...woudl my rifle be able to handle that?? thanks
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Whatever you do, don't load any ammo without using data from a good manual.

If you want more power than can usually be found in the .30-06, then you should sell the rifle and buy a .300 Winchester.

Thus endeth the sermon for today.

listen to mad on this one !!!! he knows what hes talking about
What kind of .30-06 do you plan to load for? If you have a gas-operated semi-auto, you should stick to powders with the same burn rate as IMR-4895. In fact, IMR-4895 was specifically developed for the US Garand M1. And if you were loading for a Garand, I would specifically advise that you load only 150 grain bullets with IMR-4895. And you should load to about 2750 fps. Bullets heavier than 150 grains in a Garand can result in a damaged operating rod. ( In fact, the US Army changed the .30-06 load because of the Garand. The .30-06 load prior to the Garand used a bullet that weighed 172 or 173 grains. Anyway, this load would damage the operating rod on a Garand, so the bullet weight of the US service load was reduced. And if you use a slow burning powder in a Garand, a powder such as IMR-4831, the powder will still be burning in the gas port as the bolt opens. This will stress the rifle and several years ago, in the American Rifleman, the NRA warned about using slow burning powders in the Garand.)

On the other hand, if you have a bolt-action .30-06, I would suggest that you stick to bullets that weigh at least 180 grains. Anything lighter ought to be a crime. The .30-06 really comes into its own with heavier bullets.

You could expect about 2700 fps with the Nosler 180 grain Ballistic Tip in .30-06 if you load with either IMR-4350 or H4350 powder. That would be a good load. But you can't get much more speed or power with a .30-06. If you need more power than that, then you should get a bigger .30 cal. But in my humble opinion, the .30-06 is one of the all time great rounds and 180 grains at 2700 fps will get almost anything done.

And if you decide to shoot the really heavy bullets, 190 to 220 grains, then you should try H-4831 or IMR-4831.
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hey man its a bolt action 30-06. i thought it woudl be a good idea with a heavy ballistic tip and magnum powder thats like the ultimate shell. so much power behind that ballstic tip and then when it hit the target it would just demolish it
think he is asking what action do you have

you woulndt get any new result with a 180 gr bullet faster than 2700 fps

I will repeat what others have said. If you want magnum power with that .30 Cal, then you need to get a .300 Win Mag... do not endanger yourself by loading "magnum" power in a .30-06

thanks guys sorry for the trouble im a little on the slow side haha
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