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Marine sniper credited with longest confirmed kill in Iraq

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AR RAMADI, Iraq (Jan. 02, 2005) -- Seen through a twenty-power spot scope, terrorists scrambled to deliver another mortar round into the tube. Across the Euphrates River from a concealed rooftop, the Marine sniper breathed gently and then squeezed a few pounds of pressure to the delicate trigger of the M40A3 sniper rifle in his grasp.

The rifle's crack froze the booming Fallujah battle like a photograph. As he moved the bolt back to load another round of 7.62mm ammunition, the sniper's spotter confirmed the terrorist went down from the shot mere seconds before the next crack of the rifle dropped another.

It wasn't the sniper's first kill in Iraq, but it was one for the history books.

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I didnt find the yardage, how far was this shot?
According to the article, the range was 1050 yards!!

thats a long ass shot, but i thought carlos hatchcock shot like 1450yrds with the30-06.... ha if so this guy isnt better than carlos
ok i know this is my first post but this is the topic i know best. The Late Great idol of mine has a confirmed kill of 2500 yards with an M-2 .50 caliber BMG. the shot was taken at a viet cong while he was taking a drink of water out of a stream. a young second LT. was his rookie spotter. after carlos made the shot the LT told carlos he had missed because he saw the soldier kicking his legs in the water. carlos then advised him that they tend to twitch like that when shot in the head. and yes this is a confirmed kill.

but yes olson is right Carlos did make a Confimed Kill at around 1450 yards with the 30-06.
Notice the article said IN IRAQ.... not the longest confirmed kill ever.
Ohhhh im sory i m missed that sorry, that is a long shot tho..........carlos hatchock haha man what a guy
Dont forget the canadian PPCLI sniper with a confirmed kill at 2400meters. Not yards. It was with the .50 as well
that kill was in afganistan i believe...
Ohhhh im sory i m missed that sorry, that is a long shot tho..........carlos hatchock haha man what a guy.
he was more than a guy he was a legend. if you want to read about his exploits. read the two novels by charles henderson Marine Sniper: 93 confirmed kills, and the sequel Silent warrior it really isnt a sequel it is more about covering some of the vagness of the first one
Yep, Shah-i-kot valley or however they spell it...Afghanistan...Mcmillan Tac 50 and US ammo.

Reaching 1000 yards and hitting a human target is enough of a long shot to make me say its amazing, whoever fired it.
Afghanistan, Shai-I-Kot Valley, McMillian Tactical .50, firing a round that the Canadian probably handloaded. The one CF sniper I was talking to handloaded all of his "large caliber" ammo, used the issue 7.62x51mm NATO for the C3A1. I don't know if they all do that, but for a 2.8km kill, I'm guessing that one sniper knew his .50 pretty well.

1K-yard kill in Iraq by the USMC S-Sniper on a human target; especially someone twisting about as much as a mortar crewman, that's a good kill for sure.
2.4 km...and they were out of handloaded ammo...Had to borrow some ammo from the US snipers.
A damn fine piece of shooting to pop that bastard then.
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