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Mauser k98 optics

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Hi. I was wondering if anyone out there had any insights as to a good scope to put on my mauser k98?
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whats your budget?
what do you intend to use the scope for?
these are some questions that will help you determine it
i have about a 500 dollar budget and need something that will perform to 800 meters. I may also have the action rechambered to .308 and sell everything but the action and build a custom rifle from there.
For shots to 800meters i would rechamber to either 308 or 30-06.
Buy the weaver KT-15, great 15x fixed scope.
Also Mueller makes a 25 power scope that I really really love.
leupold is my personal favorite
aspecially if your shooting 800m
Does leupold make anything other than a 9 Power for under 500 dollars?
Those sound like good suggestions but i just now read abot the tasco super sniper. does anyone have any opinions on this scope?
its crap, dont buy it... smack the **** out of yourself for even thinking of it...

thats just my opinion.... but then again im always right so...
you can get a 4-12x or a 4.5-14x might be a bit more than $500 ahh crap sry

is your mauser modified any? im not sure if a stock mauser 98k is your best selection for 800m shooting
Yes my mauser does have modifications. Its action has been squared and lapped and i have a custom shilen barrel i sent in to match the action and the contour of the original barrel minus the sights.
ok just makin sure
is it still in 8mm?

what scope power range are you looking for?
Yes it is still 8mm, but i have heard this is a suitable sniping cartridge. What are your opinions on this. And to tell you the truth about the optics, if I cant find any I like in the is price range, I am going to save and buy an Unertl 10x with a 2inch objective and 2ft length. Thanx,
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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