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Mauser project (mabey+hello from a noob)

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Hi guys, been lurking around here for a while and finally decided to register. I have a question regarding(sp?) building a custom-ish rifle on a large ring mauser action, as I may have the opportunity to get a very good deal on a mauser rifle in the near future. I have been wanting a bolt action rifle that is sort of sniperesque for a while and was wondering if a re-barreled and re-stocked mauser would be a good and cost effective choice, or would I be better off buying a winchester mod 70 stealth or remington mod 700p, by the way I am wanting something in .308. Thank you all in advance.

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Where's Mad at? He's the man you need to talk to. Between Mad and MEL you don't need anyone else.

They have all the answers!!
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