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It will shoot better than you can.

And a really nice off the shelf modified Mauser in .416 Rigby is the Brno.

I only fired three rounds out of the one I tried. And I was shooting at a 200 yard gong. And all three rounds came close to hitting the gong.

But the recoil is something else.

If you like classic big bore African rounds, why don't you consider a 9.3x62? This round will work in a .30-06 length action and it features a lot less recoil than a .416 Rigby. The 9.3x62mm is easy to load as well. Brass can be formed from .30-06 cases. And the 286 grain bullet is available from Speer. A 286 grain bullet with serious sectional density is a formidable proposition. The muzzle velocity is around 2400 fps.

The 9.3x62mm is also a classic Mauser caliber and it dates from 1905

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