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i was wondering... how accurate is a Mauser Kar 98 K in sniper format?? I really liked it when i saw "Enemy at the Gates" and ive seen replecas at Big 5 stores.. so how accurate is one?
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i think Mel is going to add it to the sniper rifle page next
i would like to read about it, my guess is it would be as accurate as the Springfield M1903-A4 or the Mosin Nagant 1891/30 sniper but im definitely not an expert on the rifle, i have a friend who has a Mauser Kar 98K (not sniper model) and he loves it
THey are really quite accurate. If you will recall the Springfield '03 was a rechambered model of the K98, and it is practically universally known that that rifle is extremely accurate, especially for the time period. So it goes without saying that the K98 is a great sniper rifle, considering once again the time period. Get one if you can.
Oh and the closest experience I have with them is that I have one of the standard carbine battle rifles. We were doing some informal accuracy testing with it at 100 yards using only the iron sights and surplus ammo from 1974. All things considered, we averaged one inch groups with the thing! And did I mention that the rifle itself was from 1943?!
i asked my firend how accurate his Mauser Kar 98K is, he just said a lot more accurate than him
just wondering... its a 7.92mm right?
how are the ballitics of this round?
can you still get 7.92mm ammo for it?
WOW!! thats really accurate for such an old rifle!

yes its possible to get 8mm mauser ammo, and i believe federal makes ammo. the 8mm JS round thats used in the kar 98, has a MV of 2880 fps and a EO of 2,800 Lb/Ft, more powerful than the 06
the guns that i saw were mostly Yugo, Swiss, and other countries' surplus replecas.

I've got a mauser from 39, constructed under licence in Poland. Iron sights and factory training ammo delivers just about 23mm. Its a little sketcy around 500 meters, but then again, its damn difficult to see the target then. I'd say 400 meters at most with groups of 40 cm.
Yes, I was VERY pleased with the performance- and it was a really nice looking rifle to boot!

And yes the shell is 7.92x57mm, with like a 196 grain bullet.
As far as I know that bullet can do everything the good 'ol .30-06 can with ease and then some.

Winchester and PMC both currently load ammunition for it and at gun shows you can get a crapload of surplus for just a few bucks. It will be corrosive though so clean your guns with it after each shooting session. This ammo is probably one of the least expensive to acquire milsurp ammo for, at least here in Atlanta. And as i said before it was with this cheap ammo that I was getting such amazing performance from! I shudder to think what could have been done with US factory ammo...
one really amazing thing about these rifles (esp from the 30's and 40's) is the high accuracy, without all the freefloating barrels and glass bedding and such. just straight accuracy from an old rifle.
My father hunted deer for over 40 years using a built up Mauser action with a Springfield barrel in in a 30-06. He had it built in 1945. It had a peep sight and was sighted in at 150 yards. He took over 100 deer and 2 bear with that rifle, and I never saw him miss with it. I did see him shoot a 5 round, one inch group at 150 yards using the peep sight.
Now for the bad news. When he moved to Texas, he traded even for an off the shelf Winchester lever action 30-30!
:cry: I could have shot him!
I have heard that K98's don't make good precision rifles. One reason is that the travel time of the firing pin is longer, giving you much more time to move. I really think you would be safer buying an off-the-shelf Remington 700 for building a sniper rifle. I personally own one and have no complants against it.
If you have your heart set on a k98, you should go for a German or Swedish. Yugo and others are just not as good quality. Guns n' Stuff has a lot of Mausers and accessories; you might want to try them out (sorry, I don't know the address).

The K98 does make for a good sniper rifle, espeially if you bring it up to modern standards. Btw, Sweden didn't make any K98's. Our M96's and M41's are quite different from the K98, with only the action being really similar, except for the size.
I stand corrected. My info was second or third hand, but since then I have gotten some new info.

About the Swedish thing, for some reason I was thinking just Mauser, not K98. Sorry :oops: !

I have learned that Czech VZ24 98 actions are very good, you just have to modify the straight bolt. Spanish La Coruna 98's are generaly bad, they tend to have soft lug seats.

Also, their are many civilian 98 actions made by companies like FN (though they might not still be in production).

The web address for Guns n' Stuff is
I must argue with the point of Yugo's being low quality. I happen to own two fine examples of them. As I have been informed, Yugo's tend to be a bit better in the quality dept. becasue they were not made with slave labor. Quality of workmanship aside, an equally important aspect is the quality of the materials. Here is where the Yugo's and Turks fall behind as they have rather soft steel in the grand scheme of things. This makes torque shoulder and bolt lug lapping iffy. The German, Czech, and Swede's all use harder steels making accurizing like this safer. Also, with these all being standard lengh actions (the Yugo is a med-short action) lightweight firing pins are availible (I think David Tubb sells one) that can shorten the lock time. I suppose one could relieve the cocking piece, but you gotta be careful when messing with trigger stuff.
i think ive made up my mind. i pretty much know for sure that i wont have alot of money but when i turn 21, ima get myself a mauser. all ill use it for really is target until i can get something bigger. thanx every1 for all your advice! ive seen many mausers, mosins, and that swiss rifle (the 1 with the straight pull) and mostly for inexpensive prices. ill keep an eye for the german, yugo, and czech ones. as some1 else had mentioned earlyer i probably would only have 300 to 400 to spend on the complete package (i dunno what ill be doin at 21) although if i make my money ill be able to extend up to $1000. however, is an FFL required for a gun like this or is it required for all guns? this question is specifically directed to FLEA as he is LE around my area. anyways thanx
Rebarreled a Czech VZ24 to 270. The action is nice but it really can't compare to a REM 700 in my humble opinion. I would say that the technology and craftsmanship were the best in its hey day.

I have heard that their were some very nice civilian Yugo Mausers, but most of the surplus Yugo's that I've seen havn't been good quality. If you have ome that are, more power to ya, I just havn't seen any.
I agree with PATH, except for the 270 part. If it were me, I'd go with .308 or .30-06, but I'd probably be using it for a different purpose.
Mausers rock

Hey all!

I have a kar 98k that someone decided to bubba, and I bought it for a song...don't think the sucker knew what it was...

Anyway, its a laminated stock late war version ( found out what year once, but I forgot) and the factory code on the receiver is DUV 42

I use remington and federal ammo and since its loaded quite a bit weaker than real 7.92 stuff there were a few front sight changes on it that needed to be made but she still shoots 1.75 to 2 moa in my less than expert hands and I'm really happy with that.

Watch out, whitetails...its comin for ya!
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