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McLelland (Not entirely too sure on the name) Barrels?

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I was talking to a gunsmith, and he mentioned McLelland barrels, and that they are at least as good as any American barrels, if not the best. Apparantly, this man's barrels are winning benchrest competitions left, right, and center, with the current touted best being done with one of his barrels. Anyone know anything about this man?
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I have been shooting benchrest competitivly for 14yrs, I have heard of these barrels, they are suppose to be good barrels. As for winning alot of big shoots, I have not heard of any. About 90% of the top finishers at any given shoot of any size will usually shoot a Shilen, Krieger, Hart, or Obermeyer it depends on what "class". I am not saying these are better than others, because any reputable barrel maker is just as capable of turning out a great barrel, these are the most "proven" preformers, in the benchrest world, when something works you dont change. I'd say give it a try and let us know how it shoots.
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