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McMillan A4 VS. McMillan A5

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I am debating which McMillan to go with: either the McMillan A4 or the McMillan A5. I really like the fact that the A5 can be made very light and that the forearm contours very well to the hand. However I do like that the A4 has a more stable squared-off forearm to place on sandbags or any surface. I really like the hook on the A4 because it contours to my non-trigger hand positioning but the A5 lends itself a little better for sandbags due to its different positioning.

Well there are pros and cons for both that I could go on and on about, but I wanted to hear everyone's opinion about this. Have at it....
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That's amazing over 16 people have viewed this and no one has an opinion. Well, I'll address a true seasoned veteran.

Mel, what do you think. I would appreciate any input on this. thanks.
Probably because stock choice if a personal opinion, I perfer and shoot better from more traditional style stocks. Do you?

Just think about what that rifle is going to be doing long-term and the situations it will be in. And then think about how you will be shooting in said situation.

If your going to spend the money on a full-blown A5, why not consider the AI 1.5 stock? How do YOU like it? It is all personal preference.

There can be no set-in-stone "best" stock. I perfer heavier weapons, some people like lighter ones. I've always been pretty tough and dont mind lugging around extra weight (read as: M249), so a 13-17lb rifle is just perfect for me.

If you had read my initial post completely you might have noticed that I did utilize the word "opinion". I specifically asked for everyone's "opinion" :wink: . I didn't ask for anyone to "tell" me what "I" need to get, I asked for everyone's "opinion" on why they would like one, the other or thanks for giving me yours and for taking a message that was not directed towards you personally. :wink:
i would go with the A4 because i too like heavier stocks
it all comes down to what weight you want and your personal preference
I take very little personally, thats not my personallity. :? But I am of the opinion, no matter what someone else thinks, only your decision matters in this case.

A4, Heavier. I don't like the butthook of the A5 at all. I think the A5's cheekpiece is designed better. Aside from that, they are both well made, extremely rugged stocks. Either one would do you good.
Sorry for my tardyness to this post.... busy weekend!!

Well, of course, like everyone has said, its just personal opinion. The A5 has a wider forend then the A4, the A4 has more heft up front, but the A5 puts the centerline of the bore lower down on the stock (helps will muzzle rise and recoil). The hook is very subjective, I don't mind either one. For prone use, I like the wider and lower profile of the A5 forearm, there is less left/right "tipsy" with the A5.

And there you have it... my own opinion, and we all know what they say about those...


Well, after further research I do believe that I will go with the McMillan A5! However I do have one final concern. What did you think of the tapered forearm on the A5? This is designed to aid in shooting however did you feel that it only added a needless additional factor or did it not play a role whatsoever.

My last step of research is to find someone with an A4 and an A5 and shoot them both in 308. This might not be easy or even possible but I will do my best to locate one of each. Thanks Mel.
When I get my .308 mounted on an A-4 back from the gunsmith find me at ASC and you'll get to see what you think. It'll have a bipod, but we can shoot from bags and sling. It is heavy in the front, but a bit more tipsy right-to-left than I had anticipated. Soid is definitely the word that comes to mind with this stock. Your main problem wiht an A-5 is finding one that you can get for less than $550.00 (assuming you want an adjustable cheeck - mine is great) and then getting it in less than 6 months.

As we speak McMillan has an A-5 and an A-4 showing as an internet special on their site (meaning in stock and ready to sell because the person that ordered it backed out) Both have adjustable cheek, and cost $540-550.00.

I didn't know you were having an A4 put on, thats fantastic :lol: . I actually just like some of the features of the A5 a little better which is why I'm leaning towards it. In reality they are very similar in many ways. I appreciate the offer and will take you up on it.

I believe that shooting both will put my doubts to rest. Now need to find an A5.....
The tapered forends are not bad. Not necessary either. Its nice to have the flexibility of adjusting elevation but sliding the stock back and forth, but it certainly isn't necessary, and if you shoot mostly with a bi-pod, its useless.

I have a A-5 and i really like it has an adjustable cheekpeice and butt plate . It shoots well from the bench or the bipod. The only thing I sugest is to make sure the barrel is really free floated because the stock has a little bit of flex in the forend. My barrel barrl is really heavy so it makes up for the stock lol. lata

Why did you go with the A5 instead of the A4? Also do you consider the "flex" a problem while shooting in prone position? I prefer the A4's solid front however I do not like that it is more prone to sway from side to side.


I didn't ask, why did you choose the A4 instead of the A5? how do you like the forearm? Did you get a chance to shoot the A5 before you decided on the A4?

Thanks guys, I appreciate your input.
The reason i went with the A-5 was mainly the look and features that it had. I really didnt know a lot about tactical rifles before I started my own. I hadnt trying a A-4 either. Im not in any loaw inforcement or any thing i bechrest shoot and i also am about to start in a monthly 600 yard prone shot. But i really love the stock the look and feel are just right. i told u about the flex its not that big of a deal u dont see it with just the weight of the rifle on the forend. But u can move it with ur hand. I mean i have a 7 heavy contour on a 29.5" barrel so i wouldnt worrie about it that much.
Also prone shooting i have a Harris bipod but it is the bench rest model it goes from like 4-9". With that bipod i can clinch my fist right under the grip on the stock and it is very steady. Well hope this helps any more questions just ask. lata
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