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I do not mean to be a complete smart ass, but at least part of the price is in the stock (which are great by the way; I own 2 - but I have not yet tried AI); part is the reputation of precision and quality control, part is the demand for more of their product than they can turn out in any given period of time (week, month, year); part is profit.

There seems to be a price point beyond which most people will not go, reputation or not (for me its right at the point where we currently find McMillan, Patriot Arms, HS Precision, ROBAR, etc.) For example I'll never spend $7,500 for a .50 BMG (I know never say never). But I've gladly spent $4,000 on a totally custom swap barrel .308 & 6.5x284 (including an incredibly expensive McMillan A-5 multi adjustable stock and Nesika tactical repeater action).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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