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Mel????wheres part 5??

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^^^i look forward to whats in mels closet :p
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i know you have more than that :)
and your bravo is back :)
see..i'm not the only one lol
lol nope cody ur not
im gonna guess that mel has a few more neat guns to show us :)
Heh... you guys don't miss a thing!!

Okay, I'll get part 5 out tonight or tomorrow....

yes, bravo is back, suppressor is fitted, and it rocks

awesome :)
does it shoot 1/4 MOA while suppressed too?
I want to see the guns that he can't show us!!!

I bet Mel is ready for WWIII

Whereas I am ready for WWIV. my stick and my stone.
I want to see the guns that he can't show us!!!

In regards to the Bravo, there will be a full writeup in a few weeks on the suppressor. I have not done a MOA measure yet, I took it straight to my private range and after one sighter to know where the point of impact shifted, was dinging my steel plate at 400 meters with M118 (not LR) every shot on a semi-breezy day. It was very consistent. But a full write up to come

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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