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Mel's Stuff: Part 3

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Well, I had to pull the shotgun out for a presentation I'm giving to the boy scouts tonight, so I figured I might as well snap a shot!!

This one isn't as exciting as my last post, but hey, they all seem to have some sentimental value. This is a winchester Ranger 1300. 12g with a 28" Barrel with choke. Nothing fancy for sure. But, my dad bought this one for me for christmas when I was 13. Its nice to grow up in a firearm friendly family! The shotgun isn't worth much, but no money in the world can buy it from me!

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Yeah, I'm beginning to wonder if everyone gets attached to their firearms like I do!! I seem to be attached to them all!!

The shotgun really was is in fantastic shape, but to be honest, its probably because I shoot it very little. I am not an avid bird or rabit hunter, but I do take it out for fun on occasion and to go with the the local scout troops to shoot some clay pigeons.

The presentation to the Scouts went fine, I work with several Boy Scout and Cub Scout troops here in town, they always call me when they need someone to help with firearms safety and orientation. (I used to be a scout master, and suspect my name is floating around from that). Its fun, I like working with the Youth, perhaps I might have a positive influence on a few of them!

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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